Date: 16-09-2019

EDUCAS Shares Findings of Focus Groups in Lithuania

Tags: Lithuania

The EDUCAS Consortium carried out a series of focus groups to better understand how both parents and staff perceive early childhood education and care (ECEC) spaces. These focus groups were made up of staff of ECEC centers as well as parents of children attending these centers. Recently, the EDUCAS Project shared the results from the four focus groups conducted in Lithuania.

A need for more understanding between parents and practitioners

Focus groups in Lithuania showed a disconnect between the understanding of parents and professionals. Though parents and teachers envisage a very similar space for children, there is a communication gap about day-to-day activities. Parents clearly understand and expect that the centers teach their children how to communicate, share, take responsibility and respect others. However, it seems parents are not always fully informed about the center’s daily routines.

This disparity in views allowed researchers and ECEC staff to reflect on the importance of communication and sharing among staff and families. Researchers suggest there is room for managers/coaches to support teachers/practitioners and parents make decisions together.

Learn more about the focus groups conducted in Lithuania, Belgium and Italy here. Read the full summary from the focus groups here.

Photo Credit: ©Caroline Boudry