Katrien Van Den Bosch
Published in:
Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, Department of Early Childhood; Karel de Grote University of Applied Sciences and Arts
An Raes,

Feasibility study for upscaling: Providing Access to Childcare and Employment (PACE)

Providing accessible childcare can improve chances of vulnerable parents in general and on the labour market. With PACE we want to explore organising occasional and/or flexible childcare. As we are working with vulnerable parents, we have to be aware of their difficult living reality, where they face multi problems which will stand in the way of work and have to be tackled.

As the tests in PACE are performed in living lab environments, they sometimes do not need to follow all regulations of regular childcare. Also, some aspects of the tested method cannot be implemented in another region of the 2 Seas areas because of different local regulations. Regulation can stimulate innovation or can be a barrier. Therefore, it is certainly helpful to uncover the legal barriers as well as the inconsistencies between goals, capabilities, and implementation at different levels. A feasibility study on this is needed to allow largest possible upscaling of the tested methods. Throughout the duration of the project, the PACE officers of the different participating partners in the 4 countries have continuously indicated where they encountered organisational and legal barriers to apply the PACE method(s).