Date: 14-12-2022

Five streams of action: early childhood responses to the war in Ukraine

Strong linkages and adaptive, flexible processes allow the ISSA Network to quickly organize in response to crises in Europe and Central Asia. In challenging times, networks provide access to critical knowledge, invaluable partnerships, and, most importantly, a robust support system.  Since the first day of the war in Ukraine, ISSA has actively engaged in the first efforts to support Early Childhood Development (ECD) as a response to the war in Ukraine. 

How does ISSA respond?

  • Scaling solutions quickly and efficiently
  • Shining a light on the unique needs of vulnerable populations
  • Advocating to keep ECD high on the policy agenda and as a priority for funding
  • Detecting emerging risks early
  • Providing a two-way pathway for resources and information from the international to the local level
  • Quickly activating opportunities for collaboration and exchange

ISSA’s approach:

Through a phased and tailored approach ISSA constantly fine-tunes work to the emerging needs and priorities of ISSA Member organizations working closely with families and children impacted by the war in Ukraine. Consistent consultation and collaboration with ISSA’s Member organizations enables ISSA to support a wide-spread, detailed response to help children and families from Ukraine across Europe.

The impact of networks is evident in ISSA's work to connect and support organizations responding to the extensive needs created by the war in Ukraine. ISSA is well positioned to support and empower ISSA member organizations on the ground and mobilize efforts in a broad response approach. Learn about the events, resources and activities organized by the ISSA Secretariat and read news about the work of ISSA Members here.