GREELCO, which stands for Green Learning Community, is an Erasmus+ European Union project involving a partnership of 11 organizations — eight of which are kindergartens.


The recent experience with the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the "professional isolation" of many practitioners, as the possibilities for mutual connection and sharing of practices have been greatly reduced. It also revealed that the digital skills of professionals need to be strengthened. The combination of these two factors inspired the idea of creating fruitful international exchanges that could reach a larger number of interested practitioners through virtual study visits.

Main goal

GREELCO’s overall goal is to create an online learning community that connects ECEC professionals and offers them the opportunity to improve their digital competencies, share their expertise as well as reflect and improve their practice.

How will GREELCO do this?

The project will first empower early childhood education and care professionals in the area of digital competencies by enabling kindergarten professionals from eight countries to develop a set of videos introducing their institution and pedagogical practices. This will allow each kindergarten to organize a virtual study visit to exchange experiences and reflection on practice with other kindergartens professionals.

The videos and virtual study visits will be accessible to early childhood education and care professionals on the GREELCO digital platform. Register now.

Who is involved?


 Photo (banner): The joy of children. Photographer: Mr. Sašo Valjavec, N.E.T. Team. Courtesy of Vrtec Bled kindergarten, Slovenia.