Date: 22-05-2020

Introducing InTrans: Every child has the right to a quality educational experience

In the last decade, transitions of children across the home environment, early childhood education, and care (ECEC) and compulsory school education (CSE) has gained attention both in academic and in policy debates. Despite this, very few initiatives engage today professionals, children, families, and local communities in the creation of warm and inclusive transitional practices.

InTrans addresses this gap by acting at policy and pre and in-service training levels. The overall aim is to ensure that all children and families — especially the most vulnerable — benefit from warm and inclusive transitional practice in ECEC and school, by supporting professionals through action at the policy advocacy and training levels.

InTrans promotes inclusive transitional education by working on three levels:

Policy and Governance
The project facilitates activities to create awareness, knowledge development, and exchange for national and international policymakers in order for them to develop a shared vision on warm and inclusive transitions and corresponding policy measurements. 

In-Service training of ECEC/primary school staff

InTrans supports in-service trainers with vision, knowledge, examples of good practices, and tools to invest in the creation of warm and inclusive transitions with ECEC/primary school staff. 

Pre-service training of future ECEC and primary school staff
Through exchanges and debates, this project raises awareness amongst pre-service training institutions about the importance of investing in warm and inclusive transitions.  

Learn more about InTrans; including the members of the consortium, by visiting the InTrans page.