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Date: 05-12-2019

ISSA Member works to Support Families in Belarus

ISSA member Belorussian Parents' and Teachers' League Step by Step unites children, parents, and teachers from 42 local communities throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The organization provides high-quality educational services for children, their parents, teachers and actively involve families in the educational process.

“We would like to contribute to the creation of an optimal development environment for all children, in which there is no space for violence and violation of children's rights,” says the Chairman of the organization’s Board Tamara Novosad. “Last year we have started the project Hope Way or Inclusion Theatre as a Theatre of Possibilities that allowed us to attract attention to the problems that children with special needs face. The theater helps to include children with special needs and their families in the life of society through participating in theater performances.”

Within the project activities, children with special needs took part in a creative workshop, master class and performed during the festival of inclusion theatres We are different, we are equal, we are together.

“We express our big gratitude for the sincere and kind attitude to our children. Because of that, children became more sociable, free and self-confident. Visiting theatre classes and participation in the festival gave our children the opportunity to join our town’s cultural life. Besides, they also felt needed and talented,” says the mother of Katia Goncharik who performed on the stage.

Belorussian Parents' and Teachers' League Step by Step has one more successful project – School of Active Fathers. With this project, the organization draws public attention to the problem of fathers not understanding the importance of their role in creating a safe family environment and supporting the child during all periods of his life. One of the activities that the School of Active Fathers does is common meetings of children and fathers during which they play and learn together. Moreover, in several educational institutions in Belarus, the project Responsible Paternity is being implemented. In this way, the organization is attracting fathers to actively participate in raising children. Experts from Belorussian Parents' and Teachers' League Step by Step have developed training modules for the School of Active Fathers, and training seminars to promote non-violent education in the family which they can share with other ISSA members.

 Learn more about the work of Belorussian Parents' and Teachers' League Step by Step here.