Date: 30-05-2023

ISSA Welcomes a New Member: Kali Sara, Bosnia and Herzegovina

ISSA new Member Kali Sara – Roma Information Center from Bosnia and Herzegovina is advocating for the socio–economic inclusion and empowerment of Roma people, conducting research and raising awareness about the challenges faced by Roma population. Besides, the organization is providing information and resources about Roma history, culture, language and rights and offering educational programs and workshops for institution and Roma community.

Kali Sara professionals have knowledge of the Regional Roma relevant sectoral policy, expertise in development strategies and action plans for social inclusion and combating discrimination, knows the situation of Roma in Bosnia and Herzegovina and has in-depth understanding of Roma history, culture and language. Moreover, the organization is experienced in designing and implementation of the educational programs for institution and Roma communities and works very actively on advocacy and community engagement.


“We are proud of adoption of policies and allocation of financial resource for Roma Strategy and Action Plan, and inclusion of the Roma component in mainstream policies and programs,” says REYN coordinator in Bosnia and Herzegovina Sanela Bešić. “We also improved housing conditions for Roma families in more than 40 municipalities and improved educational opportunities and outcomes for Roma children. That’s when for the first time Roma children were enrolled in kindergartens. Overall, I can proudly say that we strengthened Roma community networks and participation.”

By becoming a member of ISSA, Kali Sara - Roma Information Center is expecting to access to a network of like-minded organizations working in the field of education and social inclusion and to find the opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing. The organization is also interested in the capacity-building support, participation in conferences, workshops, and events.