Date: 09-09-2020

Launching a Tool for Policymakers and Program Managers

The Early Childhood Workforce Initiative is launching the Home Visiting Workforce Needs Assessment Tool in six languages. The Tool was recently updated and translated into Arabic, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish after two pilots in Kenya and Bulgaria in 2019. The Tool supports policymakers responsible for policy planning and personnel management of ECD programs around the early childhood workforce, focusing mainly on personnel supporting home visiting programs delivered across sectors for pregnant mothers and caregivers with children under 3. The Initiative is hosted by Results for Development and ISSA.

Drawing inspiration from the UNICEF Pre-Primary Diagnostic and Planning Tool, the Tool is intended for countries with home visiting programs at either the sub-national or national levels.

In November 2019, the Initiative hosted a Global Early Childhood Workforce Meeting in Washington, DC. During the meeting, country delegations from 9 countries took a more in-depth look into the Home Visiting Workforce Needs Assessment Tool by sharing insights from its use in two countries and exploring ways the Tool can be adopted or adapted in the future.

"The Tool is really impressive, since it is modifiable depending on the country. It can be adapted and integrated into the existing assessment tools that we use in different sectors," Meeting participant Dr. Abraham Tariku Fantaye, Program Coordinator of Newborn and Child Health for the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, says of the Tool.

Get a first look at the newly translated Home Visiting Workforce Needs Assessment Tool. And, register your interest in an upcoming User's Guide aimed at guiding the implementation of this Tool.