Date: 08-04-2023

Marking International Roma Day - the REYN Early Childhood Research

On International Roma Day, celebrated annually on April 8th, ISSA aims to bring attention to the often-overlooked and underserved segment of the European population — young Roma children. Through the Romani Early Years Network (REYN), we come together to raise awareness and advocate for their rights. On this day, we aim to spotlight the REYN Early Childhood Research, a comprehensive investigation that explores the status of young Roma children across 11 European countries. 
The REYN Early Childhood Research showcases a unique way of conducting research on Roma-related topics. The study, led by Roma researchers, involved Roma and non-Roma country researchers and early childhood experts gathering data in the 11 countries where REYN national networks operate. This research reinforces the importance of early years as well as influencing the agenda of prioritization and investment in young Roma children. It covers  five  key areas that impact a child’s development such as health, hygiene and nutrition, safety and security as well as early learning and living environment, the study analyzes structural and emerging issues that might have widened during the COVID-19 crisis, leading to an increase of inequality and social exclusion.

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This research was carried out with the support of the Open Society Foundations, was initiated in 2021 and has been done in partnership with the Roma Studies Groups (CEG) at CREA – University of Barcelona.

Photo: Courtesy of Tomáš Rafa