Date: 07-10-2019

Meet ISSA New Member: Centre of Early Childhood Intervention Voinicel

The young mother Oxana from Moldova eagerly waited for her first child, and her husband even chose the name for the baby girl – Elena. The heartbreaking news came unexpectedly after birth. Regardless of the results of prenatal examinations, Oxana’s baby was born with exophthalmia – a girl had only one eye. The hospital staff advised the parents to abandon the child, saying that they are too young to have such a burden and that Elena is a child without the future…

“At that moment, we were very lucky to find out about the Centre of Early Childhood Intervention Voinicel, where we went there from the second day after Elena’s birth. The organization helped us a lot,” Oxana is saying.

Voinicel transdisciplinary team –psychologist, ophthalmologist and pediatrician – developed step by step plan of intervention for the child during the first consultation. It made baby-girl’s parents more confident that things can be improved with time. Elena started her early intervention program to overcome delays in both physical and intellectual development. After the little girl and her parents spent a hundred hours in Voinicel facing the challenges, the progress became evident. Later on, Elena has successfully finished the early intervention program and started to attend kindergarten.

ISSA member from Moldova Centre of Early Childhood Intervention Voinicel is contributing to the harmonious development of the child and improves the quality of family life by providing high-quality Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) services. A dedicated team of professionals supports families and provides early childhood development interventions. The professional Voinicel team is involved in the trainings on a national level, focusing on research, lobby and advocacy activities.

Voinicel team is opened to get continuous education in Early Childhood Development (ECD) and European Quality Standards in ECD based on WHO or other international organizations' training programs. Besides, at Voinicel they are open for the exchange of different learning activities, capacity building, research and international dialogue consolidation. In return, the experts of Voinicel can share positive experience in developing an ECI Centre and in creating an ECI system at a national level, with experts or authorities from other countries.