Date: 06-10-2022

Meet new ISSA Member: Transcarpathian Regional Charitable Fund "Blaho"

Transcarpathian Regional Charitable Fund "Blaho" is a Non-Governmental Organization established in 2003 based in Ukraine. Led by Eleonora Kulchar, "Blaho" aims to revive Transcarpathia and the provision of educational and social assistance to Roma children from large, low-income families.

“Blaho” is also the host organization of the Romani Early Years Network (REYN) in Ukraine. As an influential national coordinator of REYN, they have not only established early development counseling for children aged two to five years, but has also shifted their focus to include humanitarian aid since the war in Ukraine broke out.   

Since February 2022, “Blaho” has worked to develop a Station of Hope by converting their child center into a shelter. Despite the harsh environment of war, it succeeds in building community and creating a sense of normalcy for children and their families. During this time, "Blaho" provides psycho-emotional support for mothers and children aged one month to one year, whilst continuing their work with children aged two to five years old. Teachers employed by the center still visit the shelter. These teachers have adjusted their approaches to better address the needs of children and help alleviate some of the stresses brought on by the horrors of war.

Photos courtesy of War Child Holland