Date: 16-03-2021

Methodological Centers for Teachers will be Opened in the Czech Republic This Year

Nine methodological centers will be established in 2021 in different locations in the Czech Republic. These centers will be based nearby schools that are working with Step by Step program in different regions. The centers will become methodological hubs for teachers who will find expert support, trainings and inspiration there. Besides, they will become locations for further educational trainings and personnel development for teachers. So far, the launch of the centers is scheduled for September 2021. Meanwhile, Step by Step Czech Republic is reflecting the lockdown by transforming many events into the online version.

"In the Czech Repulic, we have been facing challenges of school closures for a year now,” says Iveta Pasakova, Director of SbS Czech Republic. “We have gained new skills and opportunities, such as transforming our activities into the online environment, due to distance learning. The situation lead to modernization of teaching in primary schools, with the emphasis on digital competencies. At the same time, we – kids, teachers and parents – have realized the importance of school as the place for our life and wellbeing." 

During the lockdown, SbS Czech Republic has been offering the following products online: 

- methodological consultations for pre-schools and primary schools teachers;

- webinars with special guests;

- specialized courses, such as Comenia Script® - a practical handwriting model with the author;

- expert discussions with teachers and educational authorities;

- meetings of teachers who use Step by Step program;

- videos on "Zacit spolu" Youtube channel that inspire teachers and parents in their home schooling, using Step by Step principles.

The audience of these online events is usually teachers and SbS Czech Republic partners - organizations, personalities as well as authorities that are involved in Czech education. Recently, parents who have taken part in education of their children within distance learning became also interested in receiving online products mentioned above.

Photos: 1. Online home schooling in the Czech Republic. 2. Iveta Pasakova, Managing Director of SbS CR, presenting our online project for teachers at the award giving ceremony "Eduina 2020".