Date: 13-01-2023

New tool empowers school leaders to develop inclusive school cultures

A new tool focused on empowering Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for school leadership to create inclusive school cultures was recently released through the HEAD: Empowering School Principals for Inclusive School Culture project.

The Curriculum Framework: Empowering School Leaders For Developing Inclusive School Cultures aims to support organizations that provide and are responsible for the CPD of school leadership, with a tool to create programs, modules, and trainings.

Available in several languages, including English, Croatian, Macedonian, and Albanian, the resource responds to common obstacles school leaders face in creating inclusive school cultures. An inclusive school culture ensures academic and socio-emotional growth of all students, first and foremost of marginalized students.

Contrary to the misconception that good school leaders are born with the necessary skills, the Curriculum Framework is based on the premise that school leadership skills can be developed, and leaders should be supported throughout their careers.

You can access this tool here, along with policy road maps and testimonies from the 60 school principals in Croatia and North Macedonia who participated in the implementation of the HEAD: Empowering School Principals for Inclusive School Culture training.

This project was led by the Network of Education Policy Centers, ISSA Members Foundation for Education and Cultural Initiatives Step by Step (North Macedonia) and Open Academy Step by Step (Croatia) implemented programs for primary school principals, participated in impact studies, and organized policy labs.


The three principles of Curriculum Framework implementation