Date: 09-04-2024

The PIQET project launches quality principles for the professional development of educators


The PIQET project launches quality principles for the professional development of educators

The PIQET project consortium has published the Quality Principles of Quality for Continuous Professional Development Educators, which establishes a set of principles for high-quality continuous professional development (CPD) for professionals delivering in-service CPD opportunities. These professionals, which the PIQET project consortium refers to as CPD educators, often include trainers, lecturers, mentors, coaches, and learning facilitators, depending on the country context.

The publication was produced through consultations and continuous refinement processes within the consortium, which consists of ISSA Members Step by Step Centre for Quality in Education, based at the Educational Research Institute in Slovenia, Open Academy Step by Step in Croatia, and the ISSA Secretariat.

Core objectives and structure

In addition to upholding high-quality education and child care, the quality principles presented in this publication are grounded on values of social justice, equity, and inclusion in all sectors that provide early childhood services. Ultimately, this publication aims to establish a set of transparent indicators of quality CPD for CPD educators. Several key sections highlight existing quality standards for CPD educators, what CPD educators and providers expect from CPD educator recruitment and professional development and share a set of principles of quality for CPD educators.

The PIQET Principles aim to achieve a common understanding of quality CPD, empower CPD educators with skills and tools to refine their work, guide policymakers and educational leaders to shape CPD policies, and assist CPD organizations and key stakeholders apply innovative methods.

The nine quality principles

Based on the consortium’s research and needs analysis, nine quality principles were developed. Each principle is composed of a quality statement, indicators, and reflective questions that can be used for recruitment, selection, evaluation, and self-assessment by both CPD educators and providers.

The principles focus on the CPD educator’s expertise in the subject matter, and their ability to embrace a diverse group of professionals, foster a participative and cyclical learning process, encourage holistic change, as well as to demonstrate ongoing participation in their professional development.

This comprehensive set of principles is flexible enough to suit the diversity of the international CPD systems. It can be used by CPD educators, CPD providers, educational coordinators, anyone looking to establish internal policies of quality assurance, policymakers, and experts working on the quality and social responsibility of education.

To explore the Quality Principles for Continuous Professional Development Educators visit the ISSA Knowledge Hub. To learn more about the current landscape of CPD and educator professional growth in Europe, we invite you to access the comprehensive resources developed by the PIQET partners.