Inclusive Education and Social Support to Tackle Inequalities in Societies (ISOTIS)

Currently, European countries are seeing increasing inequality in the ability to access and participate in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) services. In many of the communities that are most impacted by these inequalities vulnerable groups are left out of decision making processes. The most promising strategy for tackling inequalities is creating societies with inclusive and effective education and support systems.

The involvement of families and communities in the creation of these systems is crucial to ensure their success. ISOTIS is a research project focusing on equality and inclusive education. It focuses on constructing quality education systems and support services by building on the strength and potential culturally and linguistically diverse, marginalized communities.

What does the ISOTIS aim to achieve?
The project aims to contribute to more effective policy and practice development by elaborating recommendations and concrete tools to:

• Support target families and communities in using their own cultural and linguistic resources to create safe and stimulating home environments for their children;
• Implement effective and inclusive pedagogies in early childhood education and care centres and primary schools;
• Professionalize staff, centres and schools to improve quality and inclusiveness;
• Establish inter-agency coordination of support services to children and families;
• Develop policies to combat educational inequalities.

How do we achieve this?
Within the project, collaborative online tools and apps will be designed for parents, classrooms and professionals involved in the lives of targeted children and families. The results will support European practice and policy to meet the challenges and advantages of an increasingly diverse, inclusive European society. ISSA contributes its expertise in working with vulnerable groups, including Roma. ISSA's knowledge of marginalized groups enhances ISOTIS' ability to provide practical solutions to the growing issue of inequality in education. This is a collaborative project funded by the European Union within the Horizon 2020 program, which includes 17 partners and 11 countries. The project started in January 2017 and will continue until December 2019.


International Conference Equality and Inclusion in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on 28-29 November 2019 welcomes professionals, policymakers and researchers.

A new publication from the ISOTIS project focuses on successful inter-agency work for lower socioeconomic status, immigrant and Romani Families in Belgium, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal and the UK.

ISSA hosted a ISOTIS meeting with almost 50 experts from around the world.