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Collaborative Impact

With over 25 years of expertise in early childhood development, ISSA members collaborate together, as well as with partners and funders, to implement comprehensive initiatives that engage varied stakeholders—practitioners, researchers, academics, local governments, service providers, and more—to foster systemic transformation in early childhood development. These initiatives are designed to build inclusive and integrated systems that enhance the well-being and development of all children. Key components include capacity building, advocacy, and training.

Additionally, beyond the ISSA Secretariat’s role for growing and maintaining the member association, we also advance early childhood development through strategic programmatic initiatives and expert consultancy services to create meaningful, systemic change across Europe and Central Asia.

Large-Scale Initiatives

We regularly engage in partnership initiatives, developing innovative, evidence-based solutions and practices that address the needs of early childhood development. Our collaborative efforts with policymakers, local organizations, international agencies and foundations, academics, and practitioners ensure that our initiatives are well-rounded and impactful. We design, facilitate, and implement interventions that drive meaningful change at national, regional, and global levels, focusing on building comprehensive, inclusive, and integrated systems that promote the well-being and development of all children. Key components of these initiatives include capacity building, advocacy, training, and the development of essential frameworks, guidelines, toolkits, reports, and other resources.

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Expert Consultancy

Our highly skilled team offers tailored consultancy services to members, partners, and other clients, delivering customized technical assistance to meet specific needs. We specialize in enhancing service quality, developing frameworks that promote inclusive policies and services, and creating customized training programs. Additionally, we support local governments with tools, capacity building, and targeted projects focused on early childhood development. By addressing unique challenges and opportunities, our place-based interventions are designed to be both effective and sustainable, empowering local actors and ensuring long-lasting benefits for the communities we serve. Below are several examples of the different types of interventions we have managed in the past year. 

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