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Step by Step Centre for Quality in Education
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Quality PedagogyChild RightsAccess to ServicesParenting SupportSocial inclusion for Romani and migrant children
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Birth to threeThree to SixSix to Ten
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Parents/care-takersEducatorsHealth professionalsSocial workersParaprofessionalsManagers of servicesPolicy makersLocal authoritiesHigher education staffStudentsPractitionioners with Romani backgroundPractitioners with migrant background


We enable all children gain access to high-quality education and care and fully realise their unique potential.


ISSA Members are at the Forefront of Innovations in the Early Years Sector in Europe

The European Commission’s ECEC webinar “Working with families and the whole community” last week highlighted 7 initiatives from across...

Piloting the Primokiz approach: Slovenia Grows with You

Following the successful implementation of the 'Primokiz approach' in Switzerland, Germany, and currently under implementation in Romania...

Resources and practices

Quality Principles for Continuous Professional Development Educators

The PIQET Principles represent a groundbreaking initiative under the Erasmus+ project, designed to elevate the standard of Continuous Professional...

Existing Practices for the Recruitment and Professional Development of Continuous Professional Development Educators

Building a strong, reliable, and high-quality ECEC workforce yields positive results that significantly impact the well-being...

Group reflection as a motor for high-quality educational practice. An inspirational travel guide for practitioners and leaders in ECEC and primary schools

This Guide will help you get familiar with the collaborative reflective practices of educators working in Early Childhood Education Centres (ECEC)...

First Years, First Priority Campaign Country Profiles

First Years First Priority Campaign Country Profiles share data collected by national campaign coordinators in Bulgaria, Finland, France, Hungary...

Executive Summary - Challenges and opportunities emerging from cross-national comparison

The InTrans

InTrans Infographics - status of early childhood care and education systems in seven EU countries

The ultimate goal of the 

InTrans Policy Baseline Reports

The ultimate goal of the 

Reclaiming transitions as inclusive relational spaces in times of crisis and beyond

Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic...

Investing in professionalization of ECEC staff to foster smooth transitions in times of crisis and beyond

Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic...

InTrans General Framework: What are Warm and Inclusive Transitional Inclusive Practices Across the Early Years

The InTrans project aims at influencing the systemic conditions needed in order to disseminate and implement good transitional practices on a wider...

START- Sustaining Warm and Inclusive Transitions across the Early Years. Final report with implications for policies and practices

Transitions across the home environment, early childhood education and care (ECEC) settings and compulsory school education (CSE) mark significant...

National Guidelines for the Inclusion of Roma Children and their Parents

The Slovenian National Guidelines for the inclusion of Roma children and their parents into preschool programs are aimed at kindergarten and...

With Friends to the Seaside

With Friends to the Seaside is a picture book created by children under the mentorship of preschool teachers at a meeting attended by Roma children...

Professional Development Tool - tool for gathering examples on ISSA quality principles

Professional Development Tool - a tool for gathering examples on ISSA quality principles is a tool used for identifying and documenting examples of...

My Reflective Diary: ISSA Pedagogical Principles

My Reflective Diary: ISSA Pedagogical Principles is developed around the ISSA Principles of Quality Pedagogy. It can be used to...