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Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation

Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation
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Service ProvisionCapacity BuildingConsultancyAdvocacyResearch and knowledge
Quality PedagogyChild RightsAccess to ServicesParenting SupportSocial inclusion for Romani and migrant childrenSocial inclusion special needs
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Birth to threeThree to SixSix to TenTen+
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ChildrenVulnerable marginilized childrenParents/care-takersEducatorsLocal authoritiesHigher education staffPractitionioners with Romani backgroundPractitioners with migrant backgroundIn-service training providers


The mission of the Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation is to promote the reforms in the system of education towards quality, inclusive education for children aged from birth till 8 years old, with active engagement of families and local communities. The special focus is put on the most vulnerable groups of children - children with disabilities, Roma children and others.


Date: 06-02-2019

NEWS - Ukraine Rockets away Teacher Training for Quality Education

Following a new Ukrainian Law on Education, a pilot project for (re-)certifying teachers has started in January 2019. The goal of the pilot: to make teacher’s certification a solid part of professional development, and to achieve it, extra government funds were allocated.

Date: 01-10-2018

NEWS - First Lady of Ukraine opens Inclusive Education Forum

Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation and the International Renaissance Foundation are at the very heart of the National School Reform program.

Date: 08-05-2018

Consultant (Ukraine) wanted for development Transitional Models

ISSA member, Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation, seeks a consultant to focus on transitional models from early childhood intervention to inclusive early education

Date: 07-12-2017

Inclusion for all: a Peer Learning Activity in Ukraine

ISSA member Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation organised a 1 day conference for REYN members as a Peer Learning Activity (PLA) in cooperation with Romanipen (Serbia) and Wide Open School (Slovakia) in Kiev.

Date: 10-08-2017

Ukrainian member organizes 'training-for-trainers' days

Ukraine is in the process of reforms, including education reform. One of the steps in this process is the development of new educational standards for primary schools. Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation organized 'training-for-trainers' days on July 4 - 8th.

Date: 09-08-2017

The Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation and UNICEF deliver training benefitting children in war zones

The Ukrainian Step by Step Foundation (USSF) and UNICEF present the results of their project “Kindergarten – environment friendly to a child”. Over 2500 pedagogues working with children in war zones were trained.

Resources and practices

Creating Inclusive Resource Centers

Inclusive Resource Centers (IRC) in five sites in four regions were developed under the programme supported  by USAID. Their main purpose is to provide complex inter-sectorial support to children with special needs, their parents and teachers working with these children in pre-school and primary classrooms trough psychological-medical-pedagogical consultations. 

The main achievements included:

1) increased number of services for parents of children with special needs;

2) increased level of trust;

3) more competent teachers.

Environment that belongs to children. Teacher manual

The guidebook “Environment that Belongs to Children” focuses on creating an inclusive learning environment which many researchers call a “third teacher”, after parents and educators.

Inclusive Education

The manual “Inclusive Education” describes the conceptual principles of inclusive education, international and national legislation in a field of inclusive education, experience of inclusive education implementing in other countries, public-state governance of inclusive education.

Organizational-Methodological Grounds of Inclusive Resource Centers' Activities

The purpose of this manual is to equip members of Inclusive Resource Centers (IRC), parents of children with special needs, schools and other institutions dealing with the issues of inclusive education, providing special support to children with special needs with necessary practical information.

Teacher Assistant in the Inclusive Classroom

The publication Teacher Assistant in the Inclusive Classroom outlines the necessary information about the position of the Teacher Assistant (introduced in 2010 in Ukraine). It includes legislative documents, description of the main functions and tasks, etc.