Date: 16-05-2024

My Dad's Journey - Engaging Men in Nurturing Care

My Dad's Journey - Engaging Men in Nurturing Care

In collaboration with Eurochild, ISSA proudly presents "My Dad's Journey," an endearing animated short film that beautifully underscores the indispensable role fathers play in nurturing their children. 

Through tender portrayals of heartfelt moments, challenges, fears, and the sheer joy of fatherhood, the film highlights that men are often hard on themselves with respect to their role as father. Yet it is not perfection that young children value but closeness, meaningful relationships, and cherished time together. Through it all they are pivotal figures in children's lives. In this way, "My Dad's Journey" poignantly emphasizes that fathers are equally as vital as mothers in parenting and early childhood development. Paternal involvement holds immense significance for the child and shapes relational dynamics within the family, carrying lifelong consequences for everyone involved. 

This touching narrative serves as a tangible entry point into the Engaging Men in Nurturing Care (EMiNC) project, active in three cities across Italy, Spain, and Portugal. At its core, EMiNC seeks to promote positive masculinity and highlight the multifaceted benefits of father involvement which cover not only fathers, but children, mothers, and entire families.  

The EMINC project recognizes the diverse tapestry of male role models crucial to young children's development, encompassing not only biological fathers but also foster, adoptive parents, and individuals in multigenerational households — such as uncles and grandfathers — highlighting that one doesn't need to be a father to be a significant influence in a child's life. 

The project's objectives are ambitious yet essential: to catalyze change in both service and home practices by engaging fathers directly, as well as professionals who interact with families who have young children, such as primary healthcare and kindergarten practitioners 

In tandem, EMiNC seeks to address systemic barriers hindering men's involvement in caregiving. These barriers, including lack of paternal leave, a culture which discourages its uptake, and entrenched societal norms, can be dismantled through concerted efforts to sensitize employers, challenge stereotypes, and promote inclusive parenting practices. Fathers have a right to enjoy and be active participants in parenting their children right from the start. 

Indeed, father engagement in childcare is not merely a gender issue but a fundamental aspect of nurturing care that benefits everyone. By embracing fatherhood, we enrich family dynamics, empower children, and foster stronger, more resilient communities. "My Dad's Journey" and the EMiNC project offer a compelling invitation to embark on this transformative journey towards a more inclusive and nurturing society. 

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