Editors: White, E.J., Dalli, C. Co-contributors: Ionescu, M., Tankersley, D.
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Under-three Year Olds in Policy and Practice

The first book in the series Policy and Pedagogy with Under-three year olds: Cross Disciplinary insights and innovations establishes a path for the much-needed examination of the experiences of infants and toddlers in contemporary educational settings across the globe.  Bringing together internationally renowned scholars in the field, it starts a series of discussions about the positioning of under-three year olds in contemporary practice and policy contexts. It takes an in-depth look at what this means for our understanding of under-three year olds and those who share their worlds. Featuring some of the most important contemporary topics in this pedagogical domain, such as care, well-being, belonging, professionalism and status, the contributors offer a kaleidoscope of perspectives for contemplating the new normality of very young children living their lives in group-based early childhood settings, and what gives rise to their current realities. It also explores some important policy directions and trends.

The chapter Quality Framework for Early Childhood Practices in Services for Children Under Three Years of Age: Starting Regionally – Moving Globally, is ISSA's contribution to the first book in the new Springer series, Under-three Year Olds in Policy and Practice.  The chapter describes participatory process of development of  ISSA's Quality Framework and shares the insights from the pilots on the multiple uses of the Quality Framework to address systemically the issue of quality within a ‘pedagogy of care’ in Bulgaria, Lithuania and Slovenia.