Date: 21-09-2017

Workshops for young parents in Latvia

Latvian member “Center for Educational Initiatives” has launched a new initiative - in cooperation with the Jekabpils Municipality - to strengthen and educate parents. They aim for a more active participation in processes, at local and national level, that are important for families with children. Center for Education Initiative sets up workshops for parents, followed up by electronical information sheets.


Young parents are often energetic and active, but they do not have enough knowledge and understanding of what are the issues parents can influence, as well as a lack of skills how to do it for  achieving real results. This initiatives is helping young families who are interested in engaging in social processes, because for every parent their children's future and well-being is important.


Also, parents are not always aware that engagement and participation of every person is important in the implementation of positive changes for future well-being. The involvement of civil society improves the process of municipal and state policy making, which means improving our prosperity.


It is very important to help parents to be persistent in achieving positive changes, to defend the interests of their children and to obtain quality education for their children from the pre-school stage.