Support for Comprehensive Early Childhood Services - Primokiz Pilots


By using the well-established knowledge brought by Jacobs Foundation’s Primokiz approach together with the experience and results from the INTESYS project, ISSA continues to work on enabling policies and practices for building integrated early childhood services. 

Piloting of the Primokiz approach in Romania is taking place in 22 cities as a collaboration between ISSA Member Step by Step CenterUNICEF Romania, and the Jacobs Foundation in Switzerland.

In Slovenia, piloting of the approach in 8 cities will take place in collaboration with ISSA Member, Education Research Institute – Step by Step Centre for Quality Education and the Jacobs Foundation.

These partnerships aim to raise awareness around the importance of holistically addressing the needs of children and families in a coordinated manner. They are pushing the agenda forward in the development and implementation of local comprehensive early childhood strategies delivered by the cities.

Romania Grows with You began in 2018, aiming to create a paradigm shift and push the agenda forward in early childhood policies and practice in Romania, targeting children aged birth to six years old, while making the case for the importance of high-quality early years services.

Slovenia Grows with You, which began in 2020, pilots new ways for designing, planning and delivering responsive and demand-driven services for the youngest children and their families through enhanced cooperation and coordination at local and national levels.

In addition to piloting in Romania and Slovenia, the partnership with Jacobs Foundation enables ISSA to identify the best approaches to scaling-up the Primokiz approach in other countries. ISSA uses the power of its network to support such endeavors through a learning community of Primokiz implementers internationally.

Publications and Materials

Inter-sectoral coordination in early childhood systems: the Primokiz approach by Konstantina Rentzou, Mihaela Ionescu, Philine Zimmerli, and Cristiana Boca. 

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The Primokiz approach has proved to be a successful vehicle for building a sustainable infrastructure of cross-sector capacity at the local level, backed-up by political support and funding able to shape and implement early childhood strategies and plans rooted in the needs of the communities.

We interviewed Christopher Goodman, Program Manager at Jacobs Foundation, about their partnership with ISSA and our member organization in Romania – the Step by Ste Center for Education and Professional Development