Quality Framework for Birth to Three Services

With this document, ISSA highlights the importance of putting very young children and their families at the centre of all early childhood interventions and programs provided through a diverse range of services. ISSA also acknowledges that, for this age group, a shared understanding of quality is crucial to consistently addressing a child’s uniqueness and very specific needs by all service providers across sectors (health, education and social welfare). There is a need, across the globe, for better coordination among agencies providing different kinds of services to infants, young children and their families.

ISSA’s Quality Framework is grounded in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and stands for the centrality of the child and family in conceptualizing, designing and implementing programs dedicated to this age group, no matter the type of service, program, or sector.

The Framework comprises 31 principles and 143 recommended practices, grouped around 9 Focus Areas, thus covering the complexity of the practices and responsibilities that binds all professionals working in early childhood services.

The first six Focus Areas are:

1. Relationships;

2. Family and Community;

3. Inclusion, Diversity and Values of Democracy;

4. Health, Well-Being, and Nutrition;

5. Development and Learning;

6. Observation, Documentation, Reflection, and Planning.

These Focus Areas address practitioners in early childhood settings who work directly with children under three and/or their families, in different settings.

The final three Focus Areas

7. Enabling Environments;

8. Professional Development;

9. Intersectoral Cooperation.

These pertain to all professionals, those working directly and indirectly with children, and address families and caregivers.

Through this publication, ISSA launches an invitation for dialogue and joint action among practitioners, managers, policy- and decision-makers, program coordinators, trainers/mentors from all sectors and institutions active in early childhood systems, so they may develop an articulated vision and a shared understanding around quality practices impacting the lives of the youngest children.

It is with great pleasure that we can share with you two translated versions of the Quality Framework for Birth to Three Services: they are available here in Russian and Dutch translations. Please download and share!