Date: 11-08-2022

Amazon, ISSA, and Save the Children partner to distribute story books in Ukrainian

In partnership with Save the Children and with support from Amazon, the International Step by Step Association will distribute 195,000 copies of three children’s story books in Ukrainian, from ISSA’s Reading Corner series. These stories will reach young children in Ukraine, Poland, and Romania. 

The books, Bursunsul and Paskualina, Oranges for Everyone and The Doll’s Nose, tell stories of everyday life and show the power of friendship, as well as sharing creative ways for overcoming hardships. 

The books will be disseminated through the local offices of Save the Children and ISSA Members, Comenius Foundation for Child Development in Poland, Blaho Foundation in Ukraine and the Step by Step Center in Romania. 


You can offer financial support to the Association and other ISSA Members here.