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Miroslav Sklenka,

Creating a Functioning Model of Stakeholders Collaboration in Municipalities with Romani Communities

A functioning model for multi-stakeholders collaboration at municipality level to work with Romani communities is developed to improve the responsiveness and accountability of local authorities, particularly elected and senior civil servants towards marginalized Roma communities and to build the capacity of local authorities and Roma community representatives to develop and implement policies and public services that are inclusive of all, including Roma.

The initiative does this by:
a) raising awareness and building the commitment of local authorities to Roma inclusion;
b) agreeing on what needs to be done to improve the educational level of the Roma community;
c) creation and operating of Local Action Teams (LAT) from the representatives of local Roma community and municipality staff in order to plan, prepare, monitor and evaluate actions for improvement of the educational results and level of the Roma community; d) Delivery of trainings for Local Action Teams: Governance and Leadership in Multicultural Environment, Intercultural, Inclusive Policies and Strategies, Communication and Self-organizing, Access to EU funding mechanisms and project writing/management.