Supporting Families for Nurturing Care: Resource Modules for Home Visitors




Supporting Families for Nurturing Care
Trainer Guide for Home Visitors
Module 1: The Early Childhood Years - a Time of Endless Opportunities
Module 2: The New Role of the Home Visitor
Module 3: IMCI, IYCF and Care for Child Development - Existing WHO and UNICEF Material
Module 4: Falling in Love - Promoting Parent-Child Attachment
Module 5: Engaging Fathers

Module 6: The Art of Parenting - Love, Talk, Play, Read

Module 7: Parental Wellbeing
Module 8: Common Parenting Concerns
Module 9: Home Environment and Safety
Module 10: Caring and Empowering - Enhancing Communication Skills for Home Visitors

Module 11: Working Against Stigma and Discrimination - Promoting Equity, Inclusion and Respect for Diversity

Module 12: Children who Develop Differently - Children with Disabilities or Developmental Difficulties
Module 13: Developmental Monitoring and Screening
Module 14: Keeping Young Children Free from Violence, Abuse and Neglect

Module 15: Working with Other Services

Module 16: Responsive Feeding
Module 17: Supervision - Supporting Professionals and Enhancing Service Quality
Module 18: Gender Socialisation and Gender Dynamics in Families - the Role of the Home Visitor
Module 19: First Steps to Preschool
Module 20: Healthy Weight, Physical Activity and Sedentary Time 
Module 21: The Care of Small and/or Sick Newborns 
Module 22: Protecting Young Children from Vaccine Preventable Diseases
Module 23: Becoming a parent: Prenatal visits to families
Module 24: Using Telehealth in Home Visitation