Date: 01-06-2020

ISSA welcomes three new Members

The ISSA Network continues to grow in 2020, we are proud to introduce three new ISSA Members organizations.
The Early Childhood Research Centre (ECRC) is an interdisciplinary research centre, led by Professor Mathias Urban, Desmond Chair of Early Childhood Education. The Centre and its research team build on a long tradition of critical inquiry in the field. Members investigate policies and politics, pedagogies, and practices in early childhood locally and internationally from a critical perspective that is informed by a shared interest in the transformative potential of collaborative research. ECRC actively promotes close collaboration between research, policy, and practice in the field. Read more about ECRC

Worldwide Foundation for Vulnerable Children focuses on early education and trauma-informed, research-based, therapeutic play program named the Element of Play. Additionally, they provide skills development for youth and adults. They train in a structured play program that leads to transferable skills to further their education and career.

Their focus is quality pedagogy, parenting support programs, and social inclusion for children with special needs. They also hold camps for children dealing with difficult illnesses. Learn more about Worldwide Foundation for Vulnerable Children.

TNO-Child Health Research Group operates under TNO’s Healthy Living unit. Their vision is that every child should be allowed to grow up healthy, safe, and should have equal opportunities. They focus on health programs, access to services, and parenting support programs. TNO is a public organization in the Netherlands that works both nationally and internationally. Read more about TNO-Child Health Research Group.