Balkan Sunflowers
Muhamet Arifi,

Learning Centers Network

The Learning Centers Network initiated by Balkan Sunflowers connects 40 Learning Centers managed by different NGOs in Albania. These centers include preschool services, curriculum support, literacy and science programs, and an education mediator targeting the most vulnerable children and their families. The mediator works with schools and families to ensure children's school enrolment. Due to these efforts, 93% of the eligible children from the areas where centers are and mediators work enroll in the first grade fo school.

The Planned Activities for Cohesive Education (PACE) program has been implemented throgh the centers since 2015 and it was designed alongside national curriculum to provide children with the competencies needed to thrive in school. In addition to the academic support provided at these Learning Centers, they also act as community hubs where volunteers are able to get involved. Other activities provided by the Learning Centers include: School Preparatory and Language Programs (ages 5-7), Summer Programs, Women's Literacy Programs, Networking Programs.