Date: 17-11-2017

Peer Learning Activity: Networks of preschools/primary schools and professionals

On 27 and 28 September, Step by Step Centre for Quality in Education, Slovenia organized a Peer Learning Activity (PLA)  together with colleagues from Croatia. The two day meeting focused on the"Networks of preschools/primary schools and professionals"; in line with ISSA's goal to support organizational development towards programmatic and financial sustainability.The main topics for the meeting were improving the network of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) professionals and institutions in Sloveniaand developing a network of preschools/primary schools and professionals in Croatia. The PLA included study visits to Slovenian preschools and the Educational Research Institute and exchanging of practice among Slovenian and Croatian researchers and professionals. It gave an opportunity to reflect on the changed structure of the Slovenian network, to build strategies on how to empower coordinators of learning communities within preschools and primary schools and to receive feedback from kindergartens and primary schools. For the Croatian participants, the experience from the Slovenian Network helped to make a plan and a structure for the network they will establish in Croatia.