Date: 26-02-2018

ISSA welcomes three new member organizations

We are happy to introduce three new member organizations that joined ISSA recently: VVOB – Education for Development (Belgium), Dreamland Primary School (Romania) and Know How Center (Serbia). 

VVOB – Education for Development is a Flemish development organization specialized in increasing the quality of education. They work in four continents in early, primary, general secondary and/or secondary technical and vocational education. In these four fields, VVOB focuses on strengthening local education actors to enable them to improve the professional development of teachers and school leaders. This capacity building is a means to sustainable development and poverty reduction.

Dreamland is a pre-school run by educational experts that value the professional development of their educators. They have two schools that are authorized by the Ministry of Education: one elementary school (O-IV classes) called the “Dreamland Elementary School”; and for pre-school children the “Dreamland Kindergarten”.

The Know How Center is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-for-profit organization established to achieve objectives in the field of personal, organizational and social development. Its basic statutory objective is to contribute to the development of an inclusive society by improving personal and professional potentials and the capacities of children, young people and adults. It also seeks to promote capacities on NGOs and other organizations and institutions in the region as well as to empower local communities and promote partnership and networking at all levels.