Date: 14-05-2018

New Publication - Early Childhood Interventions against Domestic Violence

Though intimate partner violence and violence against children share a number of common causes, many responses to intimate partner violence and violence against children are siloed – with different programs informed by separate data. A compelling report from UNFPA and UNICEF draws attention to the relationship between intimate partner violence and violence against children.

The new publication, Making the Connection, is based on studies conducted in seven countries in the Eastern Europe and Central Asian. It highlights the connection between violence against pregnant and new mothers and its impact on early childhood development.

The leading recommendation in the report is:

“Promote early childhood development interventions that aim to involve both mothers and fathers in creating nurturing, violence-free households, and support reporting of incidents.”

It is well-known that children who witness or experience abuse are more likely to be at risk of perpetrating or experiencing violence as adults. Ensuring proper support for mothers and fathers and encouraging violence-free household helps ensure the best possible outcomes for children. This support can further contribute to the end cycles of violence.

You can find the Executive Summary, and a one-pager on the report, here.