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Reading Corner Kits - Opening Magic Doors: Reading and Learning Together with Children (6-8 YRS)

ISSA has created three Activity Kits to accompany selected groups of Reading Corner books. The Kits offer teachers, parents, and caregivers guidance on the most efficient ways to engage children in exciting and meaningful learning, using books as a starting point for inquiry and action. Each kit includes an Activity Book and 4 of the Reading Corner children’s books, chosen for age appropriateness.  The different kits are for the following ages:

2-3 years                                
4-5 years                       
6-8 years      

Suggested activities include ways of promoting early literacy, such as discussion of the cover, text, and illustrations, drawing, making books and collections, connecting actions and situations described in the books to real-life situations and the child’s own experiences, etc. The Activity Kits also include ideas for stimulating the development of the child’s observation and communication skills, connection with the local community, physical development, acquisition of math concepts, and more. Examples of some of the activities are: how can I do things together with others, shadow plays, whispering games, sorting – smallest to biggest, making dolls and puppets, money to earn, money to spend, and many others.

Each activity kit includes the following:

  • Adult Manual: Opening Magic Doors: Reading and Learning Together with Children for different age group
  • Four Children’s Story Books 
  • A bookmark for children

The Activity Kits are currently available in the following languages:

Czech Polish
Czech Romanian
English Russian
Hungarian Spanish
Bulk Ordering:
The price of the kits is based on the number of kits ordered and shipment costs. For additional information, contact ISSA via email at or by phone at + 31 (0)71 516 12 22.  


All profits from the sale of these activity kits are used to further
ISSA’s mission, including making high quality learning materials
available to disadvantaged children and their families.