Noteworthy Practice - Aflatot: Early Childhood Education for Sustainable Development

Aflatot: Early childhood education for sustainable development. This study took place in the following countries: Albania, Serbia, Slovakia, Kenya, Zambia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras, India and the Philippines to document the effects of the Aflatot programs on social emotional outcomes for young children. The program is implemented in 45 countries by NGOs that are partners of Aflatoun International as well as on governmental level, for example in Ukraine and Indonesia.

The study demonstrated that children are much more likely to think and act independently after having participated in the Aflatot programme. They improve their self–understanding, are managing their emotions in a healthier way, and they are able to identify other children’s and adult’s emotions and to adjust their behavior accordingly. Children better promote and maintain mutual, positive relationships with other children and significant adults after the programme. In addition, children become more confident in realizing their basic needs and they better understand the concept of value by practicing habits that are fundamental to financial literacy, such as delayed gratification, sharing and saving. Some key indicators of Aflatot program impact: improvement pre- and post-intervention: INITIATIVE +19%; SELF-REGULATION +36%; RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES +20%; RELATIONSHIPS +17%; REDUCED CONDUCT PROBLEMS +12%; DELAYED GRATIFICATION +20%