Brajkovic , S.
Published in:
Open Academy Step by Step, Croatia

Professional Learning Communities

The book, Professional Learning Communities, provides both the theoretical background and the practical experience as it came about while building Professional Learning Communities in Croatian schools around ISSA’s Definition of Quality Pedagogy and the Quality Resource Pack. The book provides an in depth overview of research and findings that underline the importance of professional development based on teacher's and school’s needs, and how a learning community can be created by teachers through professional collaboration. The book describes all developmental steps of a learning community, offers lessons learned and practical guidelines for activities.

Open Academy Step by Step, ISSA’s member organization in Croatia, has worked for many years on developing Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) within preschools and primary schools, as a school-based professional development model using ISSA’s Quality Resource Pack. They developed a training module for teachers who are leaders of learning communities. As a result of their experience, the NGO published the book Professional Learning Communities (PLC) in Croatia, authored by Sanja Brajkovic, at that time Program Director at Open Academy Step by Step.The book, which promotes ISSA’s definition of Quality Pedagogy and the Quality Resource Pack, provides both theoretical background and practical experience in building PLCs in Croatian schools.

‘The values of this book are numerous. It provides an overview of research and findings that underline the importance of professional development for teachers based on teacher’s and school’s needs, which teachers create through professional collaboration. Furthermore, the book describes in detail all the steps in the development of a learning community, gives warning of possible problems and provides practical guidelines for activities. Finally, the special value of the book is that it was built on experience in Croatian schools, which confirms the high motivation of our teachers for changing themselves and the school from the "inside."’ (Prof Vlatka Domovic, Reviewer of the book).