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Quality Resource Pack

The culmination of many years of work in defining and promoting quality pedagogy, ISSA’s Quality Resource Pack proposes a practice-research-policy blended approach to quality, enabled by various tools that can be used with practitioners, pre- and in-service trainers, supervisors, parents and policy makers. The package is grounded in ISSA’s Competent Educators for the 21st Century, a policy document that proposes ISSA’s Definition of Quality Pedagogy.

The Quality Resource Pack is a comprehensive set of tools, which aims to:

  • Facilitate the process of building a shared understanding around quality practices among practitioners, managers, parents, children and policy makers.
  • Support and provide guidance to preschool and primary school practitioners in improving their everyday practice by enriching and expanding their competences through self- and group reflection, video recording, peer learning and cooperation, being part of professional learning communities and engaging in continuous dialogue with parents and communities
  • Inspire pre- and in-service training providers with strategies and instruments to nurture sustainable mechanisms for continuous quality improvements.

Given its complex and systemic approach to quality, the pack provides the opportunity to address a wide range of target audiences, such as: educators (individuals or professional communities), pre-service and in-service training institutions, parents (individuals or associations), communities, policy makers, education authorities, pre-school/school administrators, evaluators, researchers, mass media, as well as the general public. Specific ways of addressing different audiences, as well as ways of introducing the resource pack or its individual resources, need to be carefully explored by those working with the resources.

The resources in ISSA's Quality Resource Pack have been developed using the expertise of ISSA members with generous support from the Open Society Foundations.

The Quality Resource Pack includes guidebooks and tools that complement each other, but can also be used separately. Some of them can be freely accessed, and some of them are subject to purchasing a license to use them. All the resources in the Quality Resource Pack are: