Responsive solutions in early childhood - Learning across borders 
This online event was hosted in Ukrainian and English. Find information about the event in 
Ukrainian here.

The war in Ukraine has internally displaced millions of families and young children — some of whom have been unaccompanied. These children have been through unimaginable stress and anxiety, and are still enduring very traumatic experiences.

Over two sessions in this ISSA Connects for Ukraine online event, ISSA is bringing together its Member organizations in Ukraine and in neighboring countries to share their insights into the most pressing needs for young children, their families, and early childhood professionals. They will discuss the existing and possible solutions for meeting these diverse needs in the short and medium-term.

Unprecedented humanitarian support has been mobilized by many agencies and organizations to cater to the immediate needs of these children and families, both in Ukraine and in neighboring countries. This aid has come in the form of safe and secure spaces, shelter, food, and medical assistance — all of which are vital.

However, children also require attentive care from those around them, as well as time and safe spaces to play, explore, learn, heal, express their feelings, and make meaning of the world around them. Their parents and caregivers also need to be cared for, supported and listened to, and empowered to confidently continue their caregiving role in these exceptionally difficult circumstances.

Families and young children need competent early childhood professionals around them who understand and are well equipped to deal with the ramifications of very traumatic experiences, and are able to provide professional support in a responsible and timely manner.

This crisis has raised crucial questions, including:

  • How ready are early childhood systems to provide an attuned response to the detrimental consequences of having experienced war as a young child or as a parent or caregiver?  

  • What type of support do young children, families and early childhood professionals need most now and in the next few months?  

  • What are some responsive solutions which can be provided at local and national level to address the multi-faceted challenges and trauma experienced by young children and their families in Ukraine and in the countries they have fled to? 


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